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Sampling Policy

Basically, we provide sample against all the orders. It is our main objective to execute the requirements of the buyer in the question of the sample. We don’t go to the next step until the sample is approved by the buyer. Usually, we provide 3 types of samples against any garment order. They are:

  1. Development Sample (Before the confirmation of the order).
  2. PP or Pre-production Sample (After the confirmation of the order and before the bulk production).
  3. Final Sample/ Top Sample (After the bulk production and before the shipment).

BLUEBELL APPAREL has a specific sampling policy considering the buyer’s type.

New Buyers: In the perspective of new buyers, we apply sample making charge and shipping charge only for Development Sample. But all other samples are free for new buyers. We would like to mention here that we never include profit with the Development Sample. This sample includes making charge and shipping charge only. After the approval of Development Sample, if the buyer places the certain order to us, we deduct the amount (which was taken for the purpose of Development Sample) from the total order value.

Old Buyers: We provide all kinds of samples to the old buyers as per their requirements. In that case, we apply no charge for a sample. All of our samples are free for the old buyers.