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Get Quotation For Clothing

If you have order and want to get a quotation, you can send an inquiry in an organized way. This is why you have to make a Tech Pack/ Development Sheet including the information given below:

            (Please copy this table to Microsoft office and kindly fill and E-mail to us, Thank for cooperating)

                                 Bluebell Apparel Sourcing Limited


              Fill details


1.Name of the product



2.Sketch or photo of the product (Attach in mail)



3.Name of the fabric (Style-wise):



4.Style number (If any)



5.Order number (If any):



6. Style-wise fabric construction or ingredient (e.g., 100% cotton, 60% cotton + 40% polyester etc.):



7.Style-wise and size-wise measurement chart:



8.Style-wise and size-wise measurement chart:(Our minimum order quantity is 1000 Pieces per color or per style):



9.Style-wise order quantity (Our minimum order quantity is 1000 Pieces per color or per style):



10. Size-wise quantity breakdown (e.g., S: 10,000 Pieces, XL: 15,000 Pieces etc.):



11.Expected date of placing the order:



12.Expected date of shipment:



13.Mode of shipment (Sea or Air):



14.Name of destination port:



15.Required packing details (If any):



16.Accessories requirement (If any):



17.Style-wise target price Dzn. (If any):



18.Term of payment (Irrevocable L/C at Sight or TT):



19.Required quotation type (FOB/ C&F/ CIF):



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 NB: If any information is not clear to you, please feel free to contact us. It is our great pleasure to help you in this regard.