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Business Policy

Our Core Values

Bluebell Apparel Sourcing Limited (Bluebell), we consider the prime core values of Perseverance, Enthusiasm, and Team Spirit as the essence of the cornerstone of an edifice of a long-lasting good relationship among the all beneficiary parties. Holding on to these core values, the Company has been progressing day by day both in its commercial activities and in bettering labor relations. For that Bluebell following:

 Quality Policy

In quality and in the adherence to the specifications by the buyers the Company never allows compromises. The specified standards of the raw materials, the immaculate processes of production, the up-to-date methods of packing and forwarding activities and the fair dealings with all associates of business make up the quality policy of the Company. We aim to exceed the expectations of the end customers and meet the specified requirements of the buyers.

 Team Spirit

The team is like a well-oiled machine with each and every part, though it may be small or insignificant, doing its part well to contribute to the overall effortless functioning and productivity of the company. With this realization, each one should have mutual respect for every other person in the organization. Here the ‘divide and rule’ policy of the colonial conquerors will not work. Instead ‘United we stand, divided we fall’ should be the idea that the top management should inspire in the mind of each employee.


The employees, every one of them, consider the Company as their own family. It is when such identification with the Company is strongly planted and nurtured in the mind of each employee, that he/she is thirsted to work constantly and untiringly for the greater success of the Company. Then, when the Company gets an achievement, everyone feels proud of that, as if it was his/her own achievement. That is the passion that keeps the Company going forward and upward.


A strong commitment and real dedication to the vision and mission of the Company, right from the top of the management segment to the bottom of the labor segment, are needed for the uphill climb to success. The vertex of success is accessible only to those who stand firm on their ground and never give up whatever difficulties come in front of them.

So, welcome to Bluebell for building a long-term business relation. We are always dedicated to you for a supreme service and world class apparels.